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Hummer:  Flight to Freedom

Just Published!!!

ISBN: 0-595-41347-1

ISBN 13:  978-0-595-41347-8
PDF EISBN: 0-595-85700-0

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George O. (Pete) Love

Copyright © 1997-2006 George O. Love

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In this futuristic science-fiction tale, an incredibly intelligent and amazingly strong mutated child only wants freedom—but somebody wants her dead.


Book Description
2032—LeAnn Bethany “Beth” Connors, appears to be a normal, twelve-year-old girl. But on the inside, Beth is a special child, an accidental mutant with incredible intelligence, amazing strength, and a gift that allows her to communicate with machines. She loves karate, soccer, music, and hanging out with her friends. But more than anything, Beth wants to be free after years of isolation and captivity in Arizona.

After other mutated children suffer heart conditions from a defective gene, Beth’s superior knowledge is called upon to help save their lives. Years of testing and training have gone into developing these children into the next generation of humans, but an errant pilot stumbles upon the testing area and is killed by one of the more aggressive mutants. Her captors—the same scientists who trained her to kill, heal, and operate almost every piece of military hardware our country has to offer—have been ordered to terminate Beth and all others like her. But Beth’s amazing abilities allow her to escape in a specially designed Hummer outfitted with the latest in technology.

Beth searches for others like her in order to save lives and eventually finds a community of people who understand her—through them she finds friendship and acceptance. But when Beth learns her former captors want to destroy this species of humans, she must use everything she has learned to survive.